Alex Smith

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  • Username: Ecoshock
  • Producer of Environmental Newscast/Podcast
  • Role: Producer/Reporter: Independent


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Science or Conspiracy? (01:00:00)
From: Alex Smith

Do you believe in climate science - or is it a hoax aimed at world domination? First half: testimony of John Holdren, Obama science advisor, & Jane Lubchenco of NOAA to ...
Caption: Dr. Cecile Andrews

The Simplicity Movement (51:30)
From: Alex Smith

Cecile Andrews, author of "Slow Is Beautiful" & "More Is Less" on re-thinking our lives, helping ourselves & the planet.
Caption: Richard B. Alley

The Coming Climate (51:58)
From: Alex Smith

#1 Should scientists be arrested? Digest of AGU keynote speech by Richard Alley on charges & past climate. #2 The Coming Climate Panic (and skiing) by Auden Schendler of ...
Caption: Dr. Helen Caldicott, Credit: Heide Smith

Atomic Dreams, Climate Nightmares (24:00)
From: Alex Smith

Following "Climate Denial Crock of the Week", we mix pro-nuke green Shelly Thomas with warnings from anti-nuke Helen Caldicott. Plus "Meet Your New Nuke Neighbor" - the UAE ...
Caption: Dr. Jonathan Patz

Climate in the Sixth Extinction (54:00)
From: Alex Smith

Interview with Dr. Jonathan Patz - physician & expert on health impacts of climate change. Already deadly, & not just in the developing world. Plus opening speech for UNESCO ...