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Recent Pieces from Chloe Veltman

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Three Voices (28:56)
From: KQED

KQED Arts and culture reporter Chloe Veltman explores the dramatic impact of gender change on the human voice with this in-depth dive into the intersecting lives of three ...
Caption: Meredith Axelrod

Gramophone Gods (58:59)
From: VoiceBox

Singer and early vocal recordings champion Meredith Axelrod chats about the vocalists who pioneered recorded sound technologies in the early twentieth century and the revival ...
Caption: Richard Michos, Riffat Sultana, and Sukhawat Ali Khan., Credit: Chloe Veltman

VoiceBox: Vocal Music from the Indian Subcontinent (58:58)
From: VoiceBox

Vocalists Riffat Sultana and Sukhawat Ali Khan, siblings who come from a lauded lineage of Pakistani singers (their father is the Pakistani musical icon Ustad Salamat Ali ...
Caption: Laurie Rubin

VoiceBox: Singing Without Sight (58:58)
From: VoiceBox

Acclaimed mezzo-soprano Laurie Rubin discusses what it takes to lead a successful career as a singer when you're blind and how other sight-impaired vocalists such as Stevie ...
Caption: Cantus

It's Reigning Men (57:58)
From: VoiceBox

Aaron Humble and Adam Reinwald, who sing with Cantus, one of only two full-time professional men’s choruses in the country, share their thoughts about the culture of the male ...
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VoiceBox: All That Jazz (57:59)
From: VoiceBox

Randall Kline, director of the San Francisco Jazz Organization (SFJAZZ), and jazz vocalist Tiffany Austin, discuss what the launch of San Francisco’s new jazz center, the ...
Caption: The Scream, Credit: Edvard Munch

VoiceBox: The art of screaming (58:59)
From: VoiceBox

Voice Speech pathologist and American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) member Sarah Schneider, 'scream' coaching expert Melissa Cross and thrash metal singer Steve ...
Caption: Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston's "It Takes Two"

VoiceBox: It Takes Two, Baby (58:59)
From: VoiceBox

Husband and wife vocal artists Nicki and Tim Bluhm talk about what it takes to sing and live as a duo and explore the history of famous duetting couples.
Caption: Ken Malucelli and Tim Lewis, Credit: Chloe Veltman

VoiceBox: Sing Merrily On High (58:59)
From: VoiceBox

Ken Malucelli, a carol composer and the director of The Merrie Olde Christmas Carolers, a nationally-franchised caroling group, and jazz musician / Christmas music aficionado ...
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VoiceBox: Sweet Hormony (59:00)
From: VoiceBox

Transgendered vocalists Eli Conley and Ashey Moore talk about how singers can successfully negotiate the shift from singing as a male to singing as a female and vise-versa.