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99% Invisible #243-Tom Swift And His Electric Rifle (Director's Cut) (19:35)
From: Roman Mars

Police in American cities started out with nightsticks and later added guns to their arsenals. By the 1970s, the LAPD was researching new and less-harmful options for ...
Caption: Huey Newton

Do We Need Guns For Radical Social Change? (06:26)
From: Making Contact

The Black Panthers weren’t the only ones arming themselves in the 60s and 70s. And as Making Contact producer George Lavender found, not everyone has given up on their beliefs...
Caption: Matt Knox, Credit: Amy Martin

Guns: An American Tradition (29:00)
From: Making Contact

Love em or hate em, they’re an ever present part of American culture. And they’re not going away anytime soon. On this edition, we talk guns…from the shooting range, to the ...
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Dispatch: Global Taxi Driver (29:00)
From: Making Contact

It’s one of the most dangerous jobs in America: taxi driving. In this special joint episode from ReWork and Making Contact, we’ll hear a radio adaptation of TeAda ...
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Not A Drop To Drink (29:00)
From: Making Contact

It’s something many of us take for granted: access to clean drinking water. But for many Americans it’s not something they can rely on. From chemical spills in West ...
Caption: Wiping out debt, Credit:

Why We Owe: David Graeber on the Origins of Debt (29:00)
From: Making Contact

Anthropologist David Graeber, author of “Debt: The First 5,000 Years,” traces the history of debt to see what we can learn. His 2011 talk was recorded by Allan Campbell, ...
Caption: Ta-Nehisi Coates

Bodily Safety: Ta-Nehisi Coates on Police Shootings (29:00)
From: Making Contact

Ta-Nehisi Coates' friend from Howard University was shot and killed by police in Virginia back in 2000. Written in the form of a letter to his own teenage son, Coates’ book ...
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Beyond Stonewall: The Push for LGBT Civil Rights (29:00)
From: Making Contact

We go back to the night in June 1969 at the New York City Stonewall Inn that sparked the LGBT rights movement. On today’s show we’ll hear about the day that galvanized a ...
Caption: Activists' tent outside City Hall, Credit: George Lavender

Minimum wage activists fast for better pay (04:56)
From: George Lavender

In downtown Los Angeles, activists have gone without food for two weeks. The women are campaigning for a raise in the minimum wage. Today L-A Mayor Eric Garcetti met with the ...
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Keeping Big Oil out of Big Art (09:17)
From: Making Contact

We go to BP’s corporate hometown, London England. For the past decade, going back even before the gulf coast spill, a coalition of artists has been subverting the oil giant’s ...