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Comment for "Summer on 64th"

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Review of Summer on 64th

Thanks for taking me on a trip to the city. I especially liked the ending of this piece. "And so, summer begins." So simple and promising. Some of the ambience seemed a little long, but maybe that was because there wasn't necessarily any outstanding noises happening. The heavy use of ambience certainly set the mood - warm, somber and real. I felt like I could glimpse a street where I've never been and might not ever go. I think the idea for the piece was really creative. The producer is very good at observing and puts her thoughts together nicely. Good work.

Comment for "Office Artist"

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Review of Office Artist

I love listening to people tell their own stories. Every time I'm on an airplane landing in a big city (I'm an Alaskan) I look at the itty-bitty cars on the freeways and feel an overwhelming sense of how many people there are in this world. And so few of them I meet. That's why getting to meet someone like Larissa in the manner Dmae introduces me to her is so special. It expands my personal experiences. I thought the pacing was spot-on. Our narrator took us effortlessly from one topic to the next. I liked the amibient sounds - the phone ringing in the background reminding us that offices are busy places. I liked the visuals I created imaging an office product quilt. I was jolted a bit at the end when she went poof and was gone. Maybe a little ambient alone would have smoothed the transistion.

Comment for "Amy's Graduation"

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Review of Amy's Graduation

I really enjoyed hearing from Amy. I don't know her, yet I'm proud of her accomplishment. Graduation is no small achievement - regardless of circumstances. And Amy had many difficulties to overcome. I thought the music used throughout the piece had the right tone and feel. Well done.