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Comment for "Local News Sucks"

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Review of Local News Sucks

This is a very fun piece, except for the quality of the TV audio. I still liked it a great deal. I could hear this on On The Media, if the TV audio were better.

Well done!

Comment for ""Being Photographed""

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Review of "Being Photographed"

i caught this out of the blue today and really enjoyed it. very honest and transparent. the use of the crackling messed up minidisc tape was good. all very meta.

Comment for "Stevie & Me/Reunions (by Design and by Surprise)"

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Review of Stevie & Me/Reunions (by Design and by Surprise)

tender and interesting. i liked this piece. it's an unusual mix of documentary and radio drama, but it works well. at times it seems a little too slow and too delicate but overall very engaging. nice to listen to while hanging out at home on a sunday afternoon.