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The real history behind Mary Ellen Pleasant, San Francisco's Voodoo Queen (10:30)
From: KALW

In the mid 1800’s, boomtown-San Francisco was a city of men, only about 15 percent women. Slavery was illegal in the West but still-- white men were the ones cashing out on ...
Caption: Giovanni Vieira (left), talks with his team about the Cop Stop app., Credit: Johnathan Henninger

Bay Area hackathon brings tech to youth of color (06:59)
From: KALW

When President Obama launched the My Brother’s Keeper initiative in 2014, he said he hoped it would help boys and young men of color find success. Here in the Bay Area, Qeyno ...
Caption: Co-owner Tony Torres cooking Shrimp a la Diabla, Credit: Olivia Cueva

Tacos and Banh Mi: A match made in heaven (15:02)
From: KALW

On the corner of 14th Avenue and International Boulevard in East Oakland, there's a strip mall with a mini-mart, a laundromat, and then there is Saigon Deli. "Welcome! ...
Caption: Philip Stark looks at mallow growing in West Oakland with leaves as big as his hand., Credit: Olivia Cueva

The food that grows from concrete (07:05)
From: KALW

Imagine eating at your favorite restaurant and being told that the salad on your plate was harvested from the cracks in the sidewalk in West Oakland. Would you eat it? Two ...
Caption: Dance company, Mind Over Matter , Credit: Allan Frias

Preparing for the SF International Hip Hop DanceFest (03:29)
From: KALW

About 25 members of the dance company Mind Over Matter, mostly women, are finishing their warm up. Dressed in comfy street clothes, they stretch while they chat. They are ...