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Caption: The Salt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah. , Credit: Cookiecaper

Latitude News Podcast #9 — Mexican, undocumented...Mormon? (15:09)
From: Latitude News

A personal story from a growing demographic
Caption: Marie Jeanne, one of Congo's hundreds of thousands of women who are a victim of sexual violence.

Latitude News Podcast #8 — Can the U.S. keep conflict minerals from Congo out of your laptop? (14:32)
From: Latitude News

Lawmakers in the U.S. want to leverage our consumer power to bring change to the Congo. The question is: do they stand a chance of making a difference?
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Latitude News Podcast #7 — From War on Drugs to legal weed, where will the U.S. lead the world next? (15:06)
From: Latitude News

A short, strange history of marijuana in the U.S., Mexico and everywhere else
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The Fracking Economy (58:44)
From: Civic Commons

New methods of drilling for natural gas and oil have opened up previously unreachable resources deep below the Earth’s surface in Ohio. Depending on your perspective, ...
Caption: You bet this story is about fish.

Latitude News Podcast #2 - Two Nations, Under Cod (10:50)
From: Latitude News

American cod fishermen are broke. Norwegian cod fishermen make $100,000/year. What's up with that?