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Recent Pieces from Theresa Brennan

Caption: Tessa and Her Cousin

CPS: Sometimes It Does More Harm Than Good (06:06)
From: City High Radio

Fifteen-year-old Tessa's cousin was placed with CPS, and Tessa isn't happy with the results.
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Thanks A Lot, Facebook (02:50)
From: City High Radio

High School Junior Tessa wonders why having friends on Facebook doesn't lead to friends in real life. Is it because we're different people when we're on Facebook?
Caption: Tessa and her Sister

My Sister Was Bullied (12:09)
From: City High Radio

When Tessa's big sister Sheila was bullied, it bothered Tessa a lot. She decided to interview her sister to find out what went wrong. It turned out that the story was more ...
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What is Your Biggest Pet Peeve? (02:25)
From: City High Radio

In their debut radio story, freshmen Tessa and Ashley ask teenagers what their biggest pet peeve is. This vox-pop is short and humorous. Content advisory: We don't think ...