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Comment for "Guerilla Fridge Attack" (deleted)

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Review of Guerilla Fridge Attack (deleted)

Hilarious. Fabulous idea. I love the mission impossible music and I love the "reality" feel. Lifeline ingredient... Ha! I'm confused as to how she got into this guy's house. I hope that was cleared by the "producers." Is there anything left behind to describe the "gifts" she's cooking up? This piece taps into something I ignore everyday. All that crazy stuff that's taken up permanent residence in my refrigerator. What could I possibly make if I took it all out? Diet popsickles, none of that at my house. It begs the question: How much can you learn about a person from the depths of his or her fridge? Is this a regular series? I hope so. Does your public radio station have a TV counterpart? Pink Guerilla Garlic Soup. Ummm.

Comment for "Dad's Paper"

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Review of Dad's Paper

Good music, good reflections. Strong voice. And talking about such small details like the way her father read the paper is an interesting way to really see someone in your mind. The interview audio is fuzzy and unfortunately it's distracting. The music doesn't really minimize the issue. And I was wondering if the bird sounds were part of the harp music or added in addition?

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Review of Music Man

Nice introduction to an aspiring musician. Good scene-setting, both in the subway and at open mic. Cuomo's music is fun to hear and catchy. I also love all of Cuomo's quotes, he sounds happy and bright - I'd like to meet him in person sometime. I felt the profile was pretty typical until the interview with Latch - a music executive. That made me feel more like I learned something useful, especially since I'm not near any subways. I also liked the ending where I learned that there's a committee that selects who gets to play in the subway. Who knew? I think this piece would be stronger if it were a little more condensed. Also, I might have liked to have the description of Cuomo at the beginning so that I could have pictured him more as he is during the whole story.

Comment for "Prom Prep 101 2005: Episode 2" (deleted)

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Review of Prom Prep 101 2005: Episode 2 (deleted)

How matter of fact! Good choice of music, although the horn-sounding stuff was a wee bit distracting. Nice conversational tone, especially the teen-y parts. Good money advice, especially on the tipping stuff. Well organized. Nice and generic, for the most part, for any teen anywhere where's there's prom - and minigolf courses. I like the "anti-prom" advice. Most of all, it gives anti-promers others to commiserate with.

Comment for "Maria: They Say Send Them Back"

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Review of Maria: They Say Send Them Back

Way to go, producing this during the day of the intensive! At least I'm guessing that was the time frame. Well delivered, well organized. Maria was so real to me while listening to her. so vulnerable. I loved hearing her answers and thoughts as she formed them for her peer - that's something I only hear when one teen is talking to another. I loved the choice of music in this piece, as well as the part and timing it playing in moving the piece along. There was a point in the middle where my attention wandered a little bit, but then I was sucked back in when Maria described what it was like to come into the country illegally. Some of the production was a little rough, especially levels. But that's forgiveable given production time.