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Clayton Moore was the Lone Ranger

Interesting piece about the Lone Ranger brand. I grew up watching and admiring the Lone Ranger and was intrigued to read a book by Clayton Moore which told how he chose to live his real life in accordance with the principles associated with the Lone Ranger. It actually was well done and somewhat inspirational. There was a certain positive ethical makeup of many of the cowboy heroes I watched growing up. Even though I grew up in suburbia I aspired to having my own horse and living a highly ethical life devoted to helping others. I do own my own apaloosa horse and like to go out trail riding. More importantly I like to think I too make a meaningful difference for others. It was fun listening to this radio piece and I look forward to the movie although I suspect it may not be kind to the Lone Ranger. After all we all now realize that it was always Tonto that got sent into town and got beat up. I like to think though that it wasn't personal and that it was simply the mindset of the writers during those times. What I like to remember is the strong friendship between the Lone Ranger and Tonto which also was somewhat groundbreaking at the time.