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Recent Pieces from Vocalo WBEW

Caption: Crow Moses

Live From Studio 10 (Episode 15) Crow Moses (56:50)
From: WBEZ

On his album, Horse Heaven Hills, Crow Moses delivers a collection of songs that build upon Americana and folk traditions. Though this is his debut under the Crow Moses name, ...
Caption: Tall Walker

Live From Studio 10 (Episode 16) Tall Walker (57:06)
From: WBEZ

Chicago’s Tall Walker create songs that are contemplative in mood and delivered with a touch of Classic Rock sensibilities. The band evokes a sense of familiarity while ...
Caption: North By North

Live From Studio 10 (Episode 14) North By North (57:12)
From: WBEZ

Chicago’s gritty blues rock trio North by North have done something very ambitious with their debut LP- they made it an 18 track double album, and believe it or not, every ...
Caption: Aryk Crowder

Live From Studio 10 (Episode 13) Aryk Crowder (57:11)
From: WBEZ

It was in his late teens that Aryk Crowder got into the sounds of James Taylor, Maxwell and Prince. Taking notes from the greats he’s been admiring, Chicago R&B singer has ...
Caption: The Orwells

Live From Studio 10 (Episode 12) The Orwells (57:17)
From: WBEZ

In just under two years, The Orwells have released an official full-length and an EP, and their most recent full-length album "Disgraceland". With shredding garage blues ...
Caption: The J. Davis Trio

Live From Studio 10 (Episode 10) The J. Davis Trio (57:13)
From: WBEZ

The J. Davis Trio authentically combine their love of traditional Jazz with their passion for Hip Hop. The result is an exhibition of smooth lyricism and groove heavy soulful ...
Caption: Archie Powell and The Exports

Live From Studio 10 (Episode 11) Archie Powell and The Exports (57:09)
From: WBEZ

Chicago’s Archie Powell and The Exports deliver a downpour of raucous rock at their live shows and on their recordings. Their latest album Back In Black is filled to capacity ...
Caption: Empires

Live From Studio 10 (Episode 8) Empires (57:21)
From: WBEZ

Since they started, Chicago's Empires have been committed to a DIY approach to music. That, and their hard work ethic has nurtured their impressive output of anthemic rock ...
Caption: Esso Afrojam Funkbeat

Live From Studio 10 (Episode 9) Esso Afrojam Funkbeat (57:10)
From: WBEZ

You may think Chicago’s Esso is just about having a good time and getting people on their feet. That’s partially true. But beneath the Latin rhythms, jazz saxophones and funk ...
Caption: Free Ajents

Live From Studio 10 (Episode 7) Free Ajents (56:25)
From: WBEZ

Chicago’s Free Ajents combine heavy guitar, turntables, beats, rhymes and life to create their own strain of hip hop.