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Recent Pieces from Seth Samuel

Caption: Lesley Philips and Sharena Thomas, Credit: The People's Community Medics

The Race to an Emergency (56:30)
From: KALW

A special hour-long documentary, where host Martina Castro and reporter Ali Budner trace the path of a 9-1-1 call in Oakland, California to figure out what exactly happens ...
Caption: The Scream, Credit: Edvard Munch

VoiceBox: The art of screaming (58:59)
From: VoiceBox

Voice Speech pathologist and American Speech Language Hearing Association (ASHA) member Sarah Schneider, 'scream' coaching expert Melissa Cross and thrash metal singer Steve ...
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VoiceBox: Hawaii Song-O: On the Art of Hula Singing (58:01)
From: VoiceBox

n Hawaiian Hula, singing and dancing going hand in hand. Join Patrick Makuakane, director of Na Lei Hulu I Ka Wekiu, a hula school and performance company based in San ...
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VoiceBox: As Good As The Original: On Translating Operas into English (58:01)
From: VoiceBox

The art of opera translation is subtle yet crucial. Get it right, and the audience feels like they’re experiencing the work with as much richness as the original; get it ...
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Bhi Bhiman Goes West (08:20)
From: Jaymeson Catsouphes

Singer/songwriter Bhi Bhiman describes how his love for classic rock music drew him west to San Francisco.