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Episode 18: This is Crohn's Disease (20:15)
From: PRX

Told by the couple who lived it, this is a story of how Crohn's disease can change lives when you least expect it. And it's a story of how science can present multiple paths ...
Caption:  Forest land on Martha's Vineyard is perforated by houses., Credit: Credit David Foster / Harvard Forest

New Wave of Deforestation in Massachusetts (03:33)
From: WCAI / WNAN Cape & Islands, Mass.

Massachusetts is in the middle of a new wave of deforestation. The first wave came back in the 1800s when the land was cleared for farms and pasture. Many of those fields ...
Caption: The Salt Lake Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Salt Lake City, Utah. , Credit: Cookiecaper

Latitude News Podcast #9 — Mexican, undocumented...Mormon? (15:09)
From: Latitude News

A personal story from a growing demographic
Caption: Marie Jeanne, one of Congo's hundreds of thousands of women who are a victim of sexual violence.

Latitude News Podcast #8 — Can the U.S. keep conflict minerals from Congo out of your laptop? (14:32)
From: Latitude News

Lawmakers in the U.S. want to leverage our consumer power to bring change to the Congo. The question is: do they stand a chance of making a difference?
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Latitude News Podcast #7 — From War on Drugs to legal weed, where will the U.S. lead the world next? (15:06)
From: Latitude News

A short, strange history of marijuana in the U.S., Mexico and everywhere else
Caption: PRX default Piece image

Drugged-up horsemeat (from U.S.) showing up in Europe (04:07)
From: Harvest Public Media Group

LEDE: Every year, over 100,000 American horses are eaten abroad. We stopped slaughtering horses in this country five years ago. But since then, we export live horses to ...
Caption: This racehorse never should have been eaten. , Credit: Ken Terpenning

Latitude News Podcast #6 — The Shady Trade in American Horsemeat (14:04)
From: Latitude News

Are Europeans eating drugged-up American horses?
Caption: Ugandan activists holds placards and chant slogans during an anti-homosexuality protest rally in the industrial city of Jinja, Uganda, February 15, 2010., Credit: (REUTERS/James Akena)

Latitude News Podcast #1 - Uganda, U.S. Exporting Anti-Gay Pressure (16:57)
From: Latitude News

Meet the American pastor being sued for persecuting gay Ugandans.
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Growing with Oysters (05:54)
From: Salt Institute for Documentary Studies

Using shellfish to build confidence in middle schoolers.
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Cougar (09:15)
From: Salt Institute for Documentary Studies

Mainers see cougars all the time. Here's the problem: There are no cougars in Maine.