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Comment for "Talking 2 Sophia: A Child Speaks about 911"

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Review of Talking 2 Sophia

Reading through Michael Johnson profile, his credentials speak for themselves. But in this touching, if not a bit troubling interview with his two-year-old daughter, Sophia, we also get to learn a bit about Michael as a concerned parent. The events of September 11th touched most of us, especially for those who watched it live on TV, like I did. I often wonder what the impact of violent news has on children, and this short segment gave me a real feel for how a toddler interprets what we adults so often tune out. What struck me most about the reaction of Sophia was the playful abandonment portrayed about a subject that is totally incomprehensible to a young child, not to mention most adults. About how her description of "the New York people" morphed into "the die people." Add Michaels top-notch introspective, and this is radio at it’s best!

Comment for "Music in the Killing Fields: Daran Kravanh"

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Review of Music in the Killing Fields: Daran Kravanh

This piece is well produced with a good mix of voice-overs, interviews, and music. I especially appreciate the mood created by the layering of the music behind the telling of this man's story. The quote "The animals came to save his life..." really perked up my ears, as life on-the-run in the minefield invested jungle is described in ear-numbing detail. As sad as this story is, it still has an uplifting feel to it.

Comment for "Art of the Song #36 with Tim O'Brien" (deleted)

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Review of Art of the Song #36 with Tim O'Brien (deleted)

I have been listening to The Art of the Song since it first premiered on KRZA in Alamosa, Colorado. This series is always great, and I especially like the emphasis on the creative process, which I find valuable in all my creative endeavors, not just music. The two short segments “The Creativity Corner” and “The Song Doctor” imbedded in each show I find particularly interesting.

I like a wide range of music, and although this show has a strong folksong feel to it, I find the diversity of the guests and the intelligent questions of the host’s appeals to my eclectic nature.

This show is as good as any I hear on public/community radio, and I have gained a greater appreciation of both folk music and music in general by being a regular listener to this show. Keep up the good work John and Vivian!