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Comment for "Peru Negro - music celebrating the Afro-Peruvian experience"

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Review of Peru Negro - Afro-Peruvian music

A good introduction to the growing popularity of Afro-Peruvian music both within Peru and elsewhere. This piece reminded me of the first time I heard the music live, at an informal concert and drumming session in Lima, set to candlelight. The sea air, rhythms and glowing lite left me hypnotized for days... This piece was a like a droplet of the sea air for me - the tone and material work well together, and the music is marvellous.

Given time, the piece would benefit from some further context, perhaps elaborating on how traditional drumming was forbidden for some time, and hence the importance of the connections between the music and the growing pride of the Afro-Peruvian community in their unique identity and history.

Comment for "The Bell of Roussillon"

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Review of The Bell of Roussillon

Beautiful! I enjoyed this, learning more about the art of bells than I ever would have expected in four minutes. Please don't change a thing!

Comment for "Nick Drake's Fans"

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Review of Nick Drake's Fans

The opening lines characterize the piece perfectly, and kept me hooked all the way through. I remember some friends in Germany who loved the guy, and appreciate how the piece draws out this appreciation for those who may not be familiar with Nick Drake.

Still, regardless of a listener's knowledge of Nick Drake, what it does best is share how it feels when people come together - online and then in-person - around a common passion. The musical elements work beautifully, though I thought some of the other sound effects might be superfluous (the plane, but particularly the walk through the graveyard.) Highly recommended -- I wish the piece could have kept on going.

Comment for "Kelsey's Song" (deleted)

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Review of Kelsey's Song (deleted)

Kelsey's story is moving, and would resonate well with listeners. This story really warrants with a few minor edits to help draw it out first.

First, I found the musical interludes a little challenging, with the volume of and vocals in the music distracting me from the audio segments. Second, the intro to "Kelsey's story", with cut-over and introduction of the "Midnight Horse Show" part-way in, confused me.