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Recent Pieces from Laura Spero

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Tij (05:00)
From: World Vision Report

Girls and women in Nepal live in a culture that treats them as second-class citizens. But they have a very public way of expressing their displeasure. Once a year they ...
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Robot Kid (03:05)
From: World Vision Report

Back when the Nepali village of Kaskikot didn’t have any technology except the radio, a young farm boy started wondering about how machines work. He started making robots. ...
Caption: Women and Girls gathering wood in Kaskikot, Nepal, Credit: Laura Spero

Wood Cutting Trip (04:05)
From: Laura Spero

An American gal accompanies a raucous group of neighbors down the mountain to cut firewood in rural Nepal.
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Bus Busker (03:58)
From: World Vision Report

Reporter Laura Spero lives in New York City, but she travels to Nepal every year. There, a single winding road connects Nepal’s capital, Katmandu, to the popular city of ...
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Woodcutting Trip (04:03)
From: World Vision Report

In the village of Kaskikot, Nepal, a gas stove is no longer an oddity. Many people have them these days. But with oil both scarce and expensive, fire is still the best way ...
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Water Tap (03:33)
From: World Vision Report

Collecting water is a serious business in Kaskikot, Nepal. Reporter Laura Spero found that out when she spent nine months living with a family in the tiny farming village. ...
Caption: Cel roti is eaten during any festive gathering, official or unofficial, including holidays or in the presence of good company--and especially during the harvest festivals of Dashain and Tihar in October and November., Credit: Laura Spero

Frying Cel Roti in Pokhara, Nepal (04:57)
From: Laura Spero

Learning to cook a traditional fried bread in Nepal.
Caption: People of all stripes gather in Jerusalem to shop before Shabbat, Credit: Laura Spero

Mahane Yehuda (01:05)
From: Laura Spero

The elbow-throwing, shekel-shouting, watermelon and halva and bread-selling chaos of Jerusalem's largest outdoor market on a Friday afternoon just before Shabbat.
Caption: Reporter Laura Spero looks for giu while Aamaa watches in the background...with a smile., Credit: Laura Spero

Churning Milk in Nepal (04:42)
From: Laura Spero

Let's talk about locally produced food--you've never had milk like this. In the village of Kaskikot, Nepal, Aamaa shows reporter Laura Spero how to churn buffalo milk to ...

About Me

I am currently working as a freelance producer in Hartford, CT while also directing Jevaia Foundation, Inc., a social enterprise I founded in 2007. I have extensive experience traveling and reporting soft features internationally, with a special focus on Nepal. I speaks fluent Nepali and have produced stories from rural and remote parts of Nepal for many years.

As a facilitator for Sound Portrait's Productions StoryCorps project ( from 2005 - 2006, I had the life-changing experience of listening to hundreds of oral history interviews in New York, Texas, New Orleans, and Washington DC.

I graduated from Williams College in 2002 with a B.A. in anthropology and neuroscience, and completed an MFA in creative nonfiction writing at the New School in 2008. My first documentary, produced in the spring of 2002 as a senior project in anthropology, explored the 9/11 attacks in relation to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. I have a black belt in taekwondo and was part of the varsity rowing and swim teams at Williams.

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University of Connecticut, Master's in Social Work, 2018

The New School, M.F.A., 2008

Williams College, B.A., 2002


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