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Why Did You Come to School Today? (02:32)
From: City High Radio

In this peppy, sweet, illuminating vox pop, CHS Radio reporters pose the question, "Why did you come to school today?"
Caption: Joseph hits the street, Credit: Kyle Wilford

Skateboarding: Cooler on the Street (03:03)
From: City High Radio

High school freshmen Joseph and Kyle hit the streets and the skate park again to solve the age-old skater's dilemma: what's better, street or park? What makes skateboarding ...
Caption: Producer Kyle Wilford gets bullied by his good friend Lauren., Credit: Rio Finnegan

Why Do We Get Bullied? (03:51)
From: City High Radio

Freshman Kyle W tries to get to the bottom of why people get bullied and why they bully.
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Sidewalk Skater (02:51)
From: City High Radio

Teenage boys love skateboarding in downtown Tucson. The only problem is, they love to skate on the sidewalks, where pedestrians sometimes fear for their very lives.