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Review of Memorial

Lovely and touching--a delicate journey through the process of coping with loss.

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Review of Elviscop

Profiles are not usually my thing but this is a delightful and beautifully produced piece. A graceful and entertaining blend of many sounds and voices--the Elviscop, those who work with him, his fans and, of course, the King himself -- that are woven together in a way that is surprising, funny and touching all at once. A tribute to Elvis and the inherent value of following your dreams...whatever they may be.

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Review of Of A Piece

Definitively the kind of piece I'd like to hear on the radio. Both Michelle and her father are consumed with the struggle to make "order out of chaos" and the jigsaw puzzles become a symbol of as well the literal place where their struggles meet. It's a look at puzzles of all kinds--one woman's relationship with her father reveals a host of other truths about family and divorce, about tradition and what it does or doesn't mean, and ultimately about what lasts--what survives the failures of love. Eloquently, wittily and compellingly structured, told and scored.