PRX Editors' Picks

Editors' Picks are our curated selections of pieces on a particular subject. They're one way the PRX editorial staff makes it easier for stations to find the good stuff.

Editors' Picks are available as playlists and are divided by length to make it easy for stations to find what they need.

Why "Editors' Picks"?

When people talk about the web 2.0 world, one of the values they point to is "curating": the importance of someone (or many someones) helping to weigh and select among the zillions of choices we all face on the Internet.

On PRX, we don't have a zillion pieces, but we have tens of thousands. So, in addition to what PRX already offers — search, ratings, comments, data on which stations have licensed what pieces, the ability to share favorites — the Editors' Picks are another way to help busy stations sort through the massively valuable PRX catalog.

How We Pick the Editors' Picks

First, we look at what has been licensed. That's a sure and powerful measure of what stations find valuable and worth airing.

We also consider ratings and comments. That's a true community curating tool. Thus, well-commented and higher-rated pieces go into the mix.

Each collection of pieces has an event or a news hook. Obviously (perhaps), pieces on the list have to fit the topic.

Finally, PRX editors listen to a LOT of radio works. Hundreds, if not thousands of pieces have played through our ears. When we say "Editors' Picks," we mean it — we had to make some considered judgments on what works, given what we have witnessed over the history of PRX. And, PRX editors take this opportunity to give new, edgy, challenging pieces a chance at getting licensed.

Letting Us Know About Your Work

We always welcome a heads-up and we do listen to suggestions for our picks. Please email us with the URL of your piece so we can find it easily and we'll be glad to consider it. Let us know early if you can, as we start to put together our Editors' Picks for holidays over a month in advance.

Finding All Pieces

You can always find all the pieces on PRX on a topic by using our search. For example, if you want to see the entire collection of Christmas audio on PRX, not just what we have in the Editors' Picks, do a search for "Christmas."