PRX Uploading Policy

  1. Pieces you upload to PRX are intended for use on noncommercial broadcast radio stations and stations' Internet streams and sites. To learn about other distribution opportunities, click here.

  2. You may not upload self-contained, complete musical works or excerpts, except if the music is contained in a longer piece. For legal reasons, pieces may contain music as background, transition, or featured (as in an interview with a musician about a song), but you cannot post a stand-alone, complete or excerpted musical work to PRX.

    For example, you cannot upload The Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" to PRX, but you can post a program about the Stones that contains all or part of "Satisfaction."

  3. Piece audio must conform to PRX's audio and technical standards, as described in the instructions on how to upload.

  4. You must be the copyright holder or have secured all necessary rights for pieces you upload, as described in the PRX User Agreement Sections 1.8 and 1.9.

  5. Broadcasting is a regulated industry. It is your responsibility to be aware of any federal and state laws and regulations that apply to producers of radio programs.

    Specifically, if you post programs or pieces to PRX that contain any profanity (the famous 7 words you cannot use on-air) or content of questionable taste to a mass audience (body functions, sexual innuendo or descriptions, graphic descriptions of violence or tragedy, for example) you must complete the Content Advisory section of the piece editing page.

    For an overview of applicable laws visit this link. If you have a question or are uncertain, please Contact PRX Help.