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WHDD is the newest and smallest NPR affiliate in the United States. It covers the unique area of Northwest Connecticut, adjacent eastern New York,  the Hudson Valley in New York including Dutchess, Ulster, Columbia and Greene Counties, and Southwest Massachusetts.

Tri State was organized in February of 2002 for the principal purpose of managing and operating non-profit, local AM community radio and access television Northwest Connecticut and the immediate Tri-State area. Additionally Tri State will seek to be licensed by the FCC to operate a non-profit, public community FM station. Tri-State Public Communications mission is to provide quality public, not-for-profit, local radio and television programming, Tri-State Public Communications mission includes training local residents in both television, and radio production, recording and filming.


Caption: A Way To Garden with Margaret Roach
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A Way to Garden With Margaret Roach is a 24-minute-30-second weekly program, produced by WHDD/Robin Hood Radio in Sharon, CT. The show offers what host Margaret Roach calls “horticultural how-to and ‘woo-woo’,” combining practical gardening advice with the invocation to connect to nature and the bigger picture that gardening can offer. An expert guest joins her each week to discuss a seasonally relevant topic.

Caption: John Neufeld
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Award winning author John Neufeld's comments on current stories in the political arena

Caption: Jill Goodman
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A Daily look at the planets and how they impact your everyday life

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Caption: Jill Goodman
A light-hearted, yet accurate and informative look at the planets that affect everybody's everyday interactions.

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John looks at all the unsolved problems facing our leaders

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A daily look at the planets and how they impact your life

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