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South Texas Public Broadcasting System Inc. was organized in 1972 by a group of community-minded citizens who worked to bring KEDT-TV, Channel 16 to the Coastal Bend as a reflection of the cultural heritage of its citizens. Ten years later, through a desire to offer quality music programming and to fill a listener void, KEDT-FM 90.3 began broadcasting. For the first time, South Texans received television programs such as Sesame Street, NOVA, and Masterpiece Theatre. In 1982, KEDT-FM began broadcasting as the National Public Radio station for Corpus Christi and the surrounding communities. Offering Morning Edition, All Things Considered, classical music and jazz, KEDT-FM fulfilled a unique niche in radio programming. Then in 1993, KVRT-FM was added to bring public radio to the Victoria area. As Public Broadcast stations, KEDT-TV and KEDT/KVRT FM's mission statement reads as follows: "South Texas Public Broadcasting System, Inc. is committed to educating, enlightening and inspiring all communities of South Texas." Public Broadcasting is intended to reflect the many perspectives of our society, while providing valuable information to the listener and viewer. Public Broadcasting allows for debate, in-depth development of sensitive issues, and entertainment for all ages. Public Broadcasting offers a window to the world and the community it serves.


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