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KGOU Radio is a full service public radio station, licensed to the University of Oklahoma, serving the greater Oklahoma City metropolitan area, towns in Pontotoc, Seminole and Grady counties, and northwestern Oklahoma. Its format is primarily news/talk on weekdays, with jazz, blues, and world music programs on weekends, broadcasting programs from NPR, PRI and other public radio networks. Its broadcast schedule includes programming for a Native American audience.

KGOU is also a broadcast and online news organization ( providing news coverage of local, state, regional, national and global issues, along with our partner organizations, NPR, and other networks and content providers. KGOU streams broadcast audio over the internet, and provides online audio of programs and news reports.

The staff of KGOU includes 10 full-time and five part-time employees. The station also houses two reporters employed for StateImpact Oklahoma, a collaborative effort of public broadcasters in the state and NPR.

KGOU originates from studios located on the campus of the University of Oklahoma and is delivered by four transmitters and three translators to more than one million residents of central, southeastern and northwestern Oklahoma.

Licensee: The Board of Regents of the University of Oklahoma


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The Oklahoma Tornado Project is a KGOU News effort to tell the stories that followed the deadly tornadoes that struck several Oklahoma cities in May of 2013. The project is funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and KGOU, a division of the University of Oklahoma.

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  • Updated: Sep 29, 2013
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A KGOU original production hosted by Michael Bendure, Tonic: The Funky Groove Show features a mix of instrumental funk and groove music spanning the past six decades. The program offers family-friendly, feel-good music from the 1960s, '70s and '80s all the way into the 21st Century, encompassing funk, groove, soul, disco, jazz, hip hop and more. A weekly dose of universal harmony, love and acceptance.

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  • Updated: Oct 22, 2021

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In September, the Oklahoma Disaster Recovery Project opened its doors to provide case management assistance to people still navigating the tornado ...

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Caption: Stephanie Saldaña and Leila Ahmed
Three generations of women with remarkably different experiences in the Middle East. Harvard Divinity School professor Leila Ahmed on the Islamic ...

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Caption: David Sabatini and Charles Kenny
World Views panelist Suzette Grillot joins us by Skype from Italy, where she spoke with students studying at the University of Oklahoma's center in...

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Caption: Ariel Ahram and Brent Steele
Host Zach Messitte and panelists Joshua Landis and Suzette Grillot gather for a conversation on the best sources of international news online. Uni...

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Caption: (L-R) PLO Chief Representative to the U.S. Maen Areikat, Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Michael Oren
In May, President Barack Obama reiterated calls for a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying "the status quo is unsustainab...

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2009 Norman Music Festival (Hour 6)

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2009 Norman Music Festival (Hour 5)

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2009 Norman Music Festival (Hour 4)

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2009 Norman Music Festival (Hour 3)

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2009 Norman Music Festival (Hour 1)

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