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  Troon  is a worldwide voice for local artists as well as a site on which performances from all around the world can be accessed  By joining forces in the project, these artists will have a first-rate professional platform from which they can be heard. In addition, TROONRADIO’s broadcasts will be offered to other local non-profit stations through distribution via PRX, a program source used by many non-commercial and college stations. We'll also offer TV shows to other stations

While TROONRADIO plans to focus primarily on offering a powerful outlet for local professional artists in whatever venue they are performing—clubs, public halls, nursing homes—it is expected that some high caliber programming from various points in the world will be added to fill out the schedule. To that end, the station is joining The International Federation of Community Broadcasters who can provide access to other non-profit and college radio stations throughout the world, and sometimes beyond. It is anticipated that through offering local performers a chance to be more widely heard, the exposure will bring them more opportunities to perform and should help them in the sales of copies of their work. 

      As a developing non-profit, TROONRADIO/TVwill, naturally, need to rely on finding area volunteers who are willing to work both in the studio (on Troon Lane in Durham) and at the performance locations. We expect to get them involved with not only the operations, but also in planning the programming. We want TROONRADIO/TV to be "of the community" and "for the community." The initial effort—and here again, volunteers will be key—is getting the word out about the new station. We want the community to be both aware and involved.

The possibilities of internet radio are exciting, and we are putting together our staff of volunteers, and to connecting with the many arts and performance outlets in our community. We are also adding the additional staff necessary for TV. Check in with our website for updates. We look forward to getting to know you.


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