Cove Mountain Educational Broadcasting

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  • Call Letters: WWCF
  • Frequency: 88.7

The mission of Cove Mountain Educational Broadcasting, Inc. is to provide broadcast content that educates, informs and delights. Cove Mountain Educational Broadcasting, Inc. believes in the unity of music as a medium to express thoughts and emotions; the resulting expression is much more entertaining than the very restrictive playlists which are arbitrarily imposed by the majority of the broadcast community. There are no classical emotions, rock and roll ideas, or jazz feelings; there is simply an oneness (unity) of music which should be available to all who wish to experience it. The programming will maintain the fundamental principles of integrity, quality, diversity, and respect for peoples in all communities and the world in which we all share. Cove Mountain Educational Broadcasting, Inc. exists in order to provide a much needed outlet for ‘voices’. These ‘voices’ will be broadcast as diversified live and recorded content, past and present, local and global.


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