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North Shore Community Radio began broadcasting on April 29, 1998 from a small studio in the Arrowhead Center for the Arts in Grand Marais, Minnesota. WTIP’s home is in Minnesota’s most remote county, with some of the most pristine and beautiful environment in the United States. Although Cook County is our home geographically, WTIP serves all of the North Shore of Lake Superior, and inland, from Two Harbors, Minnesota to Thunder Bay, Ontario, as well as areas of the South Shore of Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Our webstream also takes our programs all over the world.
North Shore Community Radio broadcasts locally-produced programs from the WTIP studios as well as national and international music, news and public affairs programming.
WTIP is a community station. Sources of revenue include listener-members, business underwriters, grants, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and other sources. However, the most important and valued source of revenue is our ever-growing group of listener-members.
Because WTIP serves some very remote wilderness areas of three States and one Province, our population base is small. We are supported by our listener-members, but we rely on our good friends who visit the area for expanding the membership group. Whether you are visiting for a day, a week, staying for the season or living in the WTIP listening area, we want you to become a member. You can take us home with you by ‘streaming us online through our website: www.wtip.org.


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53 Pieces

Stories created by youth in and around Cook County Minnesota

  • From: WTIP
  • Updated: Jan 11, 2016

Latest Pieces

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How do we decide to do something for the first time? Audrey Summers, of WTIP's "Engaging Youth Through Radio" project, considers this question in t...

  • Added: May 18, 2012
  • Length: 02:38
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Getting a pet is a “first” that most kids remember. Often times, what a kid expects when getting a pet is far from the reality. Shawn Neuwirth, of ...

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  • Added: May 18, 2012
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Caption: Logo by Laurl Loberg, Credit: Stephan Hoglund
There’s no doubt the weather in the Great Lakes Region has been off. In fact, there seems to be a new trend we can rely on, and that’s that you nev...

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  • Added: May 18, 2012
  • Length: 06:35
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Anna Deschampe and Alan Aubid are the parents of two young sons. They live on the Grand Portage Reservation in northern Minnesota. In this edition ...

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  • Added: May 04, 2012
  • Length: 09:33
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Caption: Logo by Lauryl Loberg
All around Lake Superior, folks are noticing changes in the weather and climate. In this segment of the Lake Superior Project, Kelly Schoenfelder a...

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  • Added: Apr 27, 2012
  • Length: 04:17
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Caption: Kristi with an example of her work
Kristi Downing’s studio is set back from Lake Superior in a sheltered grove of trees. This is where she creates her raku pottery. Each piece distin...

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  • Added: Apr 03, 2012
  • Length: 07:40
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Caption: Neil Sherman on the beach
Cook County artist Neil Sherman can often be seen out of doors painting the natural scenes in front of him. Jay Andersen of WTIP North Shore Commun...

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  • Added: Apr 03, 2012
  • Length: 07:03
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Caption: Otter
Beavers have fat as well as fur to keep them warm in cold water, but otters have a different technique for dealing with frigid winters and spring. ...

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  • Added: Apr 03, 2012
  • Length: 06:56
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Caption: Logo by Lauryl Loberg, Credit: Carah Thomas
Joe Duffy has spent the better part of his 70 some years fishing on the Big Lake. He’s from Red Cliff, a reservation on Lake Superior’s South Shore...

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  • Added: Apr 03, 2012
  • Length: 04:30
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Caption: Early spring scene
March was a warm one. Spring seemed to be in a hurry to get here. As such many birds and plants also started early. Jay Andersen of WTIP North Shor...

Bought by Northern Community Radio - KAXE & KBXE, Minnesota

  • Added: Mar 27, 2012
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