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Founded in 1948 by Dorothy Stimson Bullitt, Classical KING FM 98.1 is among the longest-running classical radio stations in the United States.

Since becoming a classical public radio station in 2011, Classical KING FM has a stronger operating model, richer programming, and an increased focus on the Northwest. Thanks to the non-commercial format, the station plays an additional three hours of music every day. Longer pieces can be played without interruption, and over 100 live and local broadcasts can be aired annually.

KING FM’s focus on the Northwest community extends beyond live and local broadcasts to its “Northwest Focus” programming.  These elements of KING’s programming allow the station to connect listeners with what is happening in the classical music world of the Northwest and beyond, with weekly concert preview programming, broadcasts of locally-recorded concerts, and live broadcasts from the KING FM studio and from locations around the region that feature the best in local classical music.

Classical KING FM is also focused on community engagement and musical education, especially for young people.  Through the popular Instrument Petting Zoos and the annual Young Artist Awards competition, KING FM provides support for arts education and additional educational programming through on-air programs such as NW Focus LIVE, Musical Chairs, The Seattle Symphony Spotlight, From the Top, and Explore Music.

KING FM continues to be at the forefront of technology, reaching a global audience with four online channels garnering more than 135,000 streaming sessions each week and a podcasting unit with growing on-demand offerings on a variety of subjects. KING FM also offers a free app for mobile phones and tablets.

Classical KING FM invites the community to join them by becoming supporting members, ensuring a future for classical radio in the Northwest, and bringing the richness of classical music to diverse audiences in the rapidly growing Puget Sound region.


Caption: Classical music isn't just for aliens!
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Classical music can work for everyone. Context, insight and enthusiasm about classical music, intended to play before certain pieces of music. For example, Seattle Symphony conductor Ludovic Morlot may talk for 20 seconds about why he loves, say, Beethoven's 5th. Then, forget the usual intro.. just play one of these.

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  • Updated: Jul 24, 2014
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Line In-Studio performances from Seattle's 98.1 Classical KING FM

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  • Updated: Dec 01, 2020
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Highlights from our NW Focus LIVE program. Use these performances as standalone content within your broadcasts. Exclusive content. Not for ON-DEMAND use.

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  • Updated: Aug 07, 2014

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Traditional Holiday Piece played on hand bells

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