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Broadcast Responsibility – Decency – Honesty – Reliability.
In the early history of radio, no station could be licensed without a provable public need for a radio station.  And once it was licensed, the station had to prove a continued public need in order for that station to remain licensed.
There was a time when broadcasters took responsibility for what their station transmitted to it’s public; content proper English spoken, service to that community; all to the general public good, even if that 'public was not aware that it needed this.  It was a broadcasters responsibility to know.

To be licensed, the broadcaster had to discern between what the audience said and what it actually gave that audience; basing the programming on the ‘good’ of said audience; not just to fulfill what that audience said. Just because an audience accepts what it is given, which more and more is not morally sound, of poor quality, and often  is indecent; the broadcaster is supposed to be responsible enough not to air it.

WPCA Radio believes in a line from the opening paragraph of every radio station license; to be on the air to “….truly serve, the public Interest, Convenience and Necessity”.  That  is our Mission Statement. We believe it is not enough to have a broadcast license, to be on the air and make money. We believe there should be and IS, a responsibility that goes with the license. The license SAYS there is!
Even though the F.C.C. has chosen not to hold broadcasters to that standard anymore; WPCA Radio allows NO obscenity, NO questionable lyrics in music, or questionable statements on the air…by anyone.
To be a good and decent radio station; to program to the betterment of our audience, is our Reason To Be . And we believe that Reason To Be is why we are still on the air!


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