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WBEZ’s science experiment, “Clever Apes” is a nano-sized show with a cosmic scope. It tells the stories of the rich scientific community of the Chicago area, its quirky characters and the fascinating, often mind-bending questions they’re out to answer. But it is not so Chicago-centric that it won't work for your town.

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  • Updated: Apr 05, 2012
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From Nobel Peace Prize winners to Nicaraguan sweatshop workers, Worldview highlights a range of voices that go beyond the headlines.

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  • Updated: Apr 21, 2011

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Caption: Poet Keith Warfield
Poet Keith Warfield, 18, is a senior at TEAM Englewood Community Academy High School. This is his fourth year participating in Louder Than a Bomb....

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Poet Tova Benjamin, 17, participated as an individual poet representing In One Ear Open Mic at the Heartland Cafe. This is her first year particip...

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  • Length: 03:34
Caption: Poet Malcolm London
Poet Malcolm London, 18, is a 2011 graduate of Lincoln Park High School and participated in Louder Than a Bomb for the third year, this time as par...

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  • Length: 02:44
Caption: Gorilla at Lincoln Park Zoo, Credit: WBEZ/Gabriel Spitzer
WBEZ's Gabriel Spitzer explains why figuring out high finance means you have to understand the critter economy.

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Caption: Joseph Orgel holds his sample of T. rex tissue. , Credit: (WBEZ/Michael De Bonis)
In this installment, Gabriel Spitzer discovers how an ancient specimen might rewrite prehistory, and maybe medical books, too.

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Caption: Philip Janicak of Rush University Medical Center adjusts his TMS machine. , Credit: WBEZ/Gabriel Spitzer
Host Gabriel Spitzer explores how doctors are using magnets to tweak the brain's machinery and treat depression. Plus, how magnets and radio waves ...

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Caption: Clockwise and counterclockwise galaxies from the Hubble Telescope, Credit: NASA, ESA, M. Livio and the Hubble Heritage Team, STScI/AURA
Astronomers re-evaluate origins of our solar system and entertain the idea that the universe is shaped like a small doughnut.

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Caption: Scientists say the intestines are like a second brain., Credit: (WBEZ/Michael De Bonis)
We take a trip into the emerging field of gut science and its effects on everything from cancer to dementia to obesity.

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Caption: Jeremy Irvine in 'War Horse', Credit: Photo by Andrew Cooper
New York film critics Alison Willmore and Matt Singer take over Filmspotting as they talk about the two holiday offerings from filmmaker Steven Spi...

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Our childhood memories may not always be reliable, but they have a lot to teach us about how we think, learn, and build an identity. In this episod...

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