Incarcerated Youth Speak Out

Series produced by Blunt Youth Radio Project

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Incarcerated youth from the Long Creek Youth Development Center in South Portland, Maine tell stories of life behind bars.

Stories from this series air regularly on Blunt, a weekly youth public affairs program on WMPG, Portland, Maine's community radio station.

Blunt hosts bi-weekly radio instruction at South Portland's Long Creek Youth Development Center (LCYDC). Student's learn interviewing, hosting, reporting, engineering, and studio production.

Their award-winning, unfiltered stories provide an intimate look at the experiences of incarcerated teens.

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For students locked up in Maine's Long Creek Youth Development Center passing notes is a crime... and an art form. Jacorey investigates.

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Caption: Jacorey Monterio, Credit: Portland Press Herald
From the outside, Jacorey looks like the party guy - he's 16, has his own apartment and seems to be living large. But Jacorey's private desire for ...

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