Chinese Adoptees: Not Abandooned or Alone

Series produced by Prairie Public

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A three-part series that explores the challenges Chinese adoptees and their families face in a state with relatively few international adoptions. It follows two families as they navigate the loss of birth culture, experiences of racism, and unanswered questions about the past.

Annie Prafcke, who produced this series, was adopted as an infant from China to a mother in Fargo, North Dakota. She talks to three other Chinese adoptees (her younger sister and two sisters from Bismarck, North Dakota. She also speaks to all of their parents and to academic experts who on the context in China and in the United States. Part 1 is on the process and experience of adoption in these particular circumstances. Part 2 is about the problems growing up looking Chinese in a very white region -- including ridicule and bullying. Part 3 is about finding a home in the United States. The series is at once deeply moving and very informative.

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