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Image by: Vanessa Bowen of Bowen Creative 

The pandemic is affecting us all, but it's affecting us all differently. NoMoNo is an inventive, news-focused show based in New Mexico about the pandemic and the fights against racism in our communities. We’re working to generate connections in a time of physical distancing and offer a global perspective. The world changed all at once, and it can do it again.

Interviews, panels, features, breaking and enterprise news, we've got all of that, plus we aim to provide the width of context and depth of history needed to understand this time in this region—and beyond. We experiment with form and format, too, remixing work and using sound design to tell stories. And we aim to resonate with not only the logistical aspects of what we're going through, but the deeper psychological and sociological effects. On KUNM’s airwaves Sundays at 11 a.m. and available always wherever you get your podcasts. This show is part of the collaboration between KUNM News, New Mexico PBS and the Santa Fe Reporter. Hosted by experienced broadcaster Khalil Ekulona and executive produced by longtime news reporter Marisa Demarco.

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