Bonjour Chanson Series 34

Series produced by Charles Spira

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Image by: Eddy Goedtkindt 

French Chanson, as celebrated today and yesterday, with an English commentary.
You will love this genre!

We are excited to continue with our mission to bring the best of French Chanson to English speaking audiences. It's constant renewal, thanks to a new generation of young performers, is fascinating to follow. We also revisit the great performers of yesterday whose songs are as fresh today as when they first performed them.

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Caption: By Courtesy of Julien Belliard
The best of French Chanson with an English commentary. Pour yourself a glass of good wine, sit back and enjoy the beautiful voices and melodies.

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Caption: By Courtesy of La Lue, Credit: The Glint
Relax with beautiful Francophone songs with an English Commentary. The voices and melodies are beautiful. No French language skills are required ...

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Caption: By Courtesy of Lise Martin, Credit: David Desreumaux
Allow yourself to be charmed by the beauty of French Chanson. Six Francophone artists are introduced in English with one of their songs. No know...

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Caption: Courtesy of Monsieur Pierre, Credit: Xavier Lambours
When you are travelling in France you'll experience great food, outstanding wines and you'll be surrounded by beautiful music. You can enjoy the ...

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Caption: Courtesy of Odalva, Credit: François de Terris
Beautiful Francophone songs from today and yesterday will put a spring in your step. The commentary is in English. Discover the love of all thing...

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