Vaping: What You Don't Know Can Kill You

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An hour-long special, and two feature stories, about the twin vaping epidemics: the injuries and deaths spreading throughout the country connected to vaping and the longer-range explosion in teen addiction to nicotine, via vaping products.

In 2019, vaping became a crisis in the United States, as thousands experienced severe lung injuries and dozens died after vaping black market products. But there's also a slower and more insidious crisis, as marketers target teens with flavored nicotine vaping cartridges, hooking a new generation on this byproduct of tobacco.
With support from our local health department in Sonoma County, California, we've created a special that families and classrooms can listen to together to understand the dangers of vaping, going far beyond the "just say no" platitudes of yesteryear.

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We investigate the dangers of vaping, while listening to the voices of high school administrators, health professionals and students. One thing is ...

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