Bonjour Chanson Series 31

Series produced by Charles Spira

Caption: Paris Street View, Credit: ArtJazz
Image by: ArtJazz 
Paris Street View 

We continue to explore the quintessential French Chanson. We seek out the artists who, in previous decades,became famous throughout the Francophone world and beyond, as well as today's rising stars who create a vibrant future for the genre. The commentary is in English. No need to speak or understand French to enjoy the show.

French Chanson changes in lockstep with French Society. Beyond the world of globalized pop music, the unique paradigm of French Chanson survives through the work of the celebrated artists from past decades and through the dedication of a young generation who is rising and works to preserve and expand the influence of this beautiful genre. As French Society becomes
more diverse, so becomes the community of artists who create and interpret French chanson. This is actually not new. Immigrants have made great contributions to French Chanson since the early decades of the 20th century.
We introduce this beautiful music with an English commentary

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Caption: By Courtesy of Emilie Marsh, Credit: Gil Lesage
Six talented Francophone artists are introduced in English with one of their songs. You will love the beautiful melodies and you'll know what the ...

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Caption: By Courtesy of Guilam, Credit: David Desreumaux
Enjoy the beauty of French Chanson without needing any French language skills. You'll get to know the artists and their songs through English com...

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Caption: By Courtesy of Lise Cabaret, Credit: Annie-Claire Hilga
Whether you are familiar with "French Chanson" or not, there are beautiful melodies for you to discover in this episode of "Bonjour Chanson". No n...

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Caption: By Courtesy of Gatica, Credit: Emmanuelle Jacobson-Roques
French Popular Music never ceases to surprise. In this episode a recipe for Winter Squash Soup! Six Francophone artists each interpret a great so...

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Caption: By Courtesy of Sacha Toorop, Credit: Lara Harbinia
Find out why French Language Popular Music is also much loved in many countries where French is not a national language, like Russia, Japan and Ko...

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