Bonjour Chanson Series 24

Series produced by Charles Spira

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French Chanson is a gift to the World. It is loved beyond the Francophone countries. The Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, Nepalese, to name but a few, love the genre. You need no French skills to enjoy the show.

All over Asia crowds flock to applaud Francophone artists on tour. The same is of course true in Europe and North America. In this Series we continue to bring the fruits of our searches for talented rising singer/songwriters to you, without neglecting the legendary artists from the past. The English commentary will tell you everything you need to know.

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Caption: By Courtesy of Gauvain Sers, Credit: David Desreumaux
We introduce six engaging Francophone artists with one of their songs in English. The songs are about Love and Politics. (Spoiler alert: mostly ab...

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Caption: Old Arles, Credit: Marek Poplawski
Five French and one Canadian Francophone artist bring you songs that talk about love and life. The commentary is in English. Pour yourself a glas...

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Caption: By Courtesy of Emma Solal, Credit: Christophe Lafont
Enjoy 6 beautiful songs from the French Popular Music repertoire. The artists and songs are introduced in English. No French Language skills are ...

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Caption: Courtesy of Camille Hardouin, Credit: Maya Mihindou
Feelings, feelings, feelings. There are plenty to go around in this selection of French Language Popular Music songs . And you do not need to spea...

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Caption: By Courtesy of Laura Cahen, Credit: Frédéric Arnould
Explore French Chanson beyond Edith Piaf and Charles Aznavour. Discover songs by rising and well established artists. The commentary is in English...

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