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A podcast from CDS, hosted by John Biewen.

Audio doc podcast from the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. Launched September 2015. New and archival work by CDS audio director John Biewen, and the best pieces by CDS undergrad, grad, and summer institute students. Stories about the human experience and society.

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A few hundred years ago, the great thinkers of the Enlightenment began to declare that “all men are created equal.” Some of them said that notion s...


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For millennia, Western culture (and most other cultures) declared that men and women were different sorts of humans—and, by the way, men were bette...

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Launching Scene on Radio Season 3 series—MEN—co-hosts John Biewen and Celeste Headlee look at the problems of male supremacy. And we visit Deep Tim...

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Caption: Emblem in the main foyer at Teton High school in Driggs, Idaho., Credit: John Biewen
Two small towns, one in Idaho, the other in Upstate New York, debate whether to stop calling their high school sports teams the Redskins.

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Caption: Pattonville High School basketball players (left to right) Cassie Callahan, Allyson Sanders, and Tyra Brown. , Credit: John Biewen
Can the camaraderie of a team sport make race and class status “disappear” for the kids involved or their parents?

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Caption: Beer vendor, Busch Stadium, Credit: John Biewen
Can a winning baseball team bring St. Louis together post-Ferguson?

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