Bonjour Chanson Series 17

Series produced by Charles Spira

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"Bonjour Chanson" has been introducing English speakers to "French Chanson since 2008. The genre is rich and diverse and constantly renews itself. There is never any danger of running out of exciting songs. You do not need to speak French to enjoy the shows!

In Series 1 through 16 we have introduced the English speaking public to 480 beautiful French Language songs. In Series 17 we continue the tradition. of presenting the newest songs side by side with the classics of yesterday. Enjoy the artists and songs in this Series!

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Caption: Courtesy of Namasté     , Credit: Maxime Chanet
From a song based on a wistful poem by Louis Aragon, to a young woman on a wild ride through Paris in a Chevrolet, enjoy the wonderful variety in F...

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  • Added: Jul 23, 2015
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Caption: Stephanie Blanchoud, courtesy of Ms. Blanchoud, Credit: Sabine Meier
This episode of Bonjour Chanson has an international flavor. Belgium takes the lead with two contributors and one of the French participants starte...

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  • Added: Jun 12, 2015
  • Length: 28:40
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Caption: Doriand, by Courtesy of Doriand
In this episode of "Bonjour Chanson" rising stars of the French Music Scene rub shoulders with artists who have been favorites of the public for ma...

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  • Added: May 28, 2015
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Caption: By Courtesy of Lili Cros and Thierry Chazelle, Credit: Arno Lame
A kaleidoscope of French Language Songs Introduced to English Speakers. No need to understand French to enjoy the show.. The songs range from joyfu...

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Caption: By Courtesy of Dominique A, Credit: Richard Dumas
Six talented Francophone artists are introduced in English with one of their songs. Four are well established, two are relative newcomers. Sit bac...

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