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A weekly, one-hour show about how women rise up.

"Inflection Point with Lauren Schiller is a gem of a radio hour of engaging and intelligent conversation with women who are making a difference. Do your listeners a favor and give them a chance to hear Inflection Point." --Hawk Mendenhall, KUT, Austin, TX.

Launched in 2015, Inflection Point is one of the only women-focused nationally syndicated radio programs and one of the first podcasts ever to take a close-up look at the changing roles of women in politics, academia, the arts, business leadership, activism and more. We accepted a Gracies Award in 2020 from the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation.

And now, we're taking a break. We welcome you to continue airing the show from the back catalog. You can hear our letter to listeners at the file below. Any questions, please contact

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Caption: Kim Chambers
Kim Chambers is only the sixth person ever to complete the Ocean’s Seven challenge... solo. That's seven open water channel swims. Think summiting...

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Caption: Kelsey Crowe
It’s been a rough spring with COVID-19 taking over our lives. You may know someone who’s sick, or who’s lost a loved one or their livelihood, or an...

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Caption: Eve Rodsky
Eve Rodsky has spent almost a decade surveying women and men about who does what at home to understand how and why we divide up labor along gender ...

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An awkward conversation with her white mother about “good white people” inspired Ijeoma Oluo to take on the unenviable task of writing one of the m...

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For the past decade, now 98-year-old Betty Reid Soskin has served as the nation’s oldest Park Ranger, where she gives talks at the Rosie the Rivete...

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Caption: Paola Mendoza and Sarah Sophie Flicker, Credit: Guy Furrow
On today’s IP we go behind the scenes of the first Women’s March on Washington, in 2017, right after the election of Donald Trump. What can we lear...

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