RadioActive Fall 2014

Series produced by KUOW's RadioActive Youth Media

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Listen to the pieces from RadioActive's fall 2014 workshop

These stories were all created by our fall 2014 workshop participants. Listen eagerly as the talk about everything from neighbors secrets to unusual hobbies.

6 Pieces

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Caption: Nathan Boss, 16, poses with his airsoft gun before playing the game for the first time., Credit: NATHAN BOSS
RadioActive's Nathan Boss, 16, made his first foray into American gun culture through a real-life combat simulation game called airsoft, where play...

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Caption: Ivy Jacobsen speaking about her abuse at her high school graduation., Credit: Ivy Jacobsen
Noel Gasca explores the story of the seemingly perfect girl next door.

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Caption: Sara Ling hopes to return to Burma to search for her missing father., Credit: Amran Aden
Sara Ling is from Burma. When she was a child, her father disappeared. That's why her family left their country.

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Caption: Tara Keo is a single mother to Sokinna, 16, and Kayden, 2., Credit: JASON PAGANO
RadioActive's Sokinna Keo has learned to find forgiveness for her mother's past as a drug user.

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Caption: RadioActive producer Jaylen Wheeler at a RadioActive listening party., Credit:  JASON PAGANO
Jaylen Wheeler is a student at University Prep in north Seattle. Follow him through his role as the odd one out.

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Caption: Foster High School senior Nandina Cengic is a feminist, filmmaker and activist., Credit: JESENKO SPAHIC
Azeb Tuji explores the myths of feminism and dispels the rumors with a local high school student Nandina Cengic.

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