Bonjour Chanson Series 14

Series produced by Charles Spira

Caption: Wildflowers in Provence., Credit: Courtesy of Lydia Roelandts, Antwerp, Belgium
Image by: Courtesy of Lydia Roelandts, Antwerp, Belgium 
Wildflowers in Provence. 

Another Series of 30 beautiful songs from the Francophone World, presented to English speaking audiences. Yes, you can enjoy French Chanson even if you do not understand French.

In the first 13 series we have introduced 390 different French language songs to English speaking audiences. In this, the 14th Series, we continue the tradition of never repeating a song and finding the best that the genre has to offer from its contemporary artists and from the legendary singer/songwriters from the past. And yes, yes, yes you can enjoy this music even if you do not speak French. We introduce the artists and one of their songs in English..

5 Pieces

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Caption: Sophie Beaudet, Credit: Courtesy of the Artist
We get to meet young as well as established Francophone singers and to enjoy their songs. No knowledge of French is required..

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Caption: Boulevard Des Airs, Credit:  Courtesy Boulevard des Airs
A band with enthusiastic young musicians in the Pyrenees, a poem about a passionate dark haired Spanish woman, a tribute to the city of Paris. A...

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Caption: Joséphine Draï (with her kind permission)
There are refreshing surprises in this program on French Chanson for English speakers. You do not need to understand French to discover them. Che...

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Caption: Berne, Switzerland
Belgian, Canadian, French and Swiss artists contribute to this program of French Popular Music specially created for English Speaking audiences. No...

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Caption: Pub de l"Etoile in Besançon
You'll discover 6 Francophone Songs Introduced in English, from France Gall, the teenage idol from the seventies, to the artist Zaz, honoring the ...

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