Bonjour Chanson Series 13

Series produced by Charles Spira

Caption: Saint-Paul de Vence, Credit: courtesy Dr. George Pikler, Tulsa, OK.
Image by: courtesy Dr. George Pikler, Tulsa, OK. 
Saint-Paul de Vence 

We are always on the lookout for great French singers and songs that will appeal to the English speaking public, ...and we find them. The episodes, in this, the 13th Series of Bonjour Chanson, constitute the proof!

The inventory of French Language Popular Music is rich, varied and grows by leaps and bounds every month. We select the best of what it has to offer, from the new artists and songs and the well-established ones, keeping in mind that our audience is English speaking and for the most part does not know French.

5 Pieces

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Caption: Colorful Roofs in Québec City
A Mosaic of songs by Francophone artists that will delight you even if you do not speak a word of French. When you'll listen to the songs you'll k...

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Caption: A Crowded French Riviera Beach in the Summer.
In this episode of "Bonjour Chanson" French artists are outnumbered by their foreign brothers and sisters. Enjoy the best of French Language Popul...

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Caption: Angoulème
Francophone artists from three countries perform in this episode of "Bonjour Chanson": France, Canada and Belgium. This program series was created...

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Caption: Le Mans, France
Six Francophone Artists, 4 of recent fame, 2 well-established are introduced in English with one of their songs. No knowledge of French is needed ...

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Caption: Brussels, Mont des Arts
The French language songs in this episode are full of emotion, ranging from the expression of attachment to one's city to the proclamation of the b...

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