Artist Open House

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Cook County and the Grand Marais Minnesota area is filled with visual artists. This series spotlights some of them.

Minnesota's North Shore of Lake Superior is a haven for artists. "Artist Open House" is a series that lets artists talk about their work in their own words.

25 Pieces

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Caption: Primary Care
Jo Wood moved away from Cook County nine years ago. Jo does more than stitch with beads -- she paints with beads. The long hours she spent creating...

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Caption: David MacLean at the drums
David MacLean taught biology at Youngstown State University, with a special interest in lepidoptery. He has also played drums for most of his life....

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Metal sculptor Tom Christensen and assistant Josh Rice are building a new installation for the Grand Marais Library through funding by the Minnesot...

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Caption: Amy Woschek Schmidt
Amy Woschek Schmidt is a published poet who lives in Hovland. When not writing poems, she works as a registered nurse at Sawtooth Mountain Clinic.

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Caption: Old Norway by Marcia Casey Cushmore
In July and August Hazel Belvo and Marcia Casey Cushmore’s latest paintings grace the Johnson Heritage Post in Grand Marais. Their work is grounded...

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