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Tracking the real-time swirl of creatures, chemicals, and currents of our seas.

Tracking the real-time swirl of creatures, chemicals, and currents of our seas.

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Caption: The Banana Slug String Band has just released their latest 14-song album: "Only One Ocean.", Credit: Banana Slugs String Band
Steve Van Zandt goes by Solar Steve when he’s writing songs and performing with the Banana Slug String Band. The group’s based in Santa Cruz, Calif...

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Caption: Two miles down the sea floor is a skull, / the wounded head of a monster - fractured, / faulted, ridged. -- Michael Collier  John Delaney finds poetic inspiration gazing at the ocean during his research cruises.  Poet Michael Collier aboard one of John De, Credit: Michael Collier
The ocean is teeming with life, chemistry, water masses, and – believe it or not – poetry. In our 50th and final (for now) episode of Ocean Gazing,...

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Caption: BP began a test of a new cap on its leaking well, cutting off the flow of oil to collection ships. Credit: Dave Martin/AP.  The Deep Water Horizon oil spill isn't the first environmental disaster that Kendra Daly of the University of South Florida has see, Credit: Dave Martin/AP.
The BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill lasted three months. In July 2010, the wellhead was capped, and the oil finally stopped gushing into the Gulf of...

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Caption: Bonnie McCay is an anthropologist, and she's spoken to fishermen about the collapsing clam fishery.  The Atlantic surf clam.  Clamming has been a livelihood for people for decades.  Sam Martin is the vice president of operations for Atlantic Capes Fisheri
Surf clamming has always been a hard business. But recently it’s gotten even harder, and the fishermen are bearing the brunt of the impact. All you...

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Caption: Marine scientist Carla Curran is passionate about working with students of all ages, such as these fourth graders at Thunderbolt Elementary School in Savannah. Credit: Whitney Ince.  Curran develops lessons that combine information with hands-on observati, Credit: Whitney Ince
In the heart of Savannah, an experiment is underway…to see whether the same science topics can be made engaging for students of all ages, from elem...

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Caption: Moorings are used to track the temperature and salinity of the water, the currents, how thick the ice is, and how much sunlight is getting through.  Slowly and steadily, the ice is melting.  Hajo Eicken from the University of Alaska Fairbanks studies how
In the Bering Sea, ice is everything. It controls the life, the people living there, and the climate. So what’s happening now that the thickness an...

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Caption: George Matsumoto connects MBARI scientists to teachers and students all over the country. His son, Daniel, is no exception., Credit: Curtis Axell
The waters off Monterey, California are rich fodder for scientists and educators alike. And MBARI’s just the place to forge the collaborative conne...

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Caption: Craig Dawe has a lot of experience piloting Ventana, an ROV (remotely operated vehicle) used to repair science equipment and gather samples at the bottom of the Monterey Canyon.
Rovers and remotely operated vehicles are hulking beasts on land. But in the ocean, they glide gracefully through the water and along the seafloor,...

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Caption: Eye to eye with a giant Atlantic bluefin tuna., Credit: Andrew Cummings.
What it’s like to be eyeball to eyeball with a fish the size of a Volkswagen.

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Caption: The coast of California is packed with lots of opportunities to capitalize on the data streaming in from ocean observing systems. Surfing's just one., Credit: Doug Wylie/WiLDCOAST.
Up and down the coast of California, abalone farmers, bar pilots and environmentalists — among others — are staking their profits, well being, and ...

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Caption: Sequence of sediment trap samples from Dec 2001 to Apr 2002 (courtesy of R. Thunell, University of South Carolina).  Sediment trap recovery onboard the Hermano Gines. Credit: IMaRS and EDIMAR.  Flasks and buoys measuring productivity. Credit: IMaRS and ED, Credit: IMaRS and EDIMAR.
Our planet Earth lays down a record of its climate on the seafloor in certain parts of the world. All you have to do is know how to read it.

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Caption: Jackie Kane and Dinah Bowman practicing their skills at visual core description (including drawing). Credit: Bill Crawford.  Three members of the education and outreach team, Brigitte Thiberge, Jean Marie Gautier, and Stephanie Keske, regard an ocean sedi, Credit: Bill Crawford.
This is what happens when a team of educators and artists are set loose aboard an oceanographic research vessel, armed with an audio recorder and t...

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Caption: Andrew Fisher (left) is on a drilling cruise to understand how water moves through the ocean crust, and what kind of life is thriving down there.  A smaller boat brought supplies for the CORKs to the JOIDES Resolution on some choppy seas.
Right now, in the middle of the Pacific, a team of scientists, educators, animators and artists are hunkered down on a ship together. For two month...

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Caption: The Ocean Gazing podcast is a forum for people to share their science and stories about the ocean.  The Ocean Gazing podcast is a forum for people to share their science and stories about the ocean.
Ocean Gazing considers its past. And we invite you to be a part of its future.

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Caption: Sunset off the western shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Images courtesy of McManus lab.  Recovery of the autonomous profiler in blue Hawaiian water with golden Hawaiian sunshine.  Ross Timmerman, Margaret McManus, Chad Waluk and Jeff Sevadjian (left to right) deplo
The thinnest blanket of life fans out just beneath the ocean’s surface. For Margaret McManus, that blanket means an insatiable curiosity and some v...

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Caption: These creatures are the stars of this podcast episode and of the sea. Credit: img338.imageshack.us.  Lend an ear and discover the wonders of nature—right outside your back door and halfway around the world. Check out the podcast "One Species at a Time."  , Credit: img338.imageshack.us.
Guess what kind of organism this is: There are billions of them in every bucket of the salty sea, some of them glow, and some are responsible for k...

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Caption: Elementary schoolers from New Jersey celebrate Rutgers Ocean Day in mid-April by cheering and waving their pompoms in the air. Credit for all photos: Sage Lichtenwalner.  The students from 8 New Jersey schools took time at this station to write their wish, Credit: Sage Lichtenwalner.
Anyone can be a scientist, and the elementary schoolers of New Jersey can prove it. At Rutgers last April, their enthusiasm for ocean science was j...

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Caption: Eric Simms (Scripps Institute of Oceanography) discusses ocean education in the US and in China with students at Keji High School in Xiamen. Credit: Sammy Wang.  Students at Keji High School listen to a couple of presentations by Bob Chen (UMass Boston) a, Credit: Sammy Wang.
Xiamen sits on the southeast coast of China where dozens of high school and college students are rethinking how people should teach and learn about...

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Caption: Bargaining abounded. At the Great Wall, Laura Dover, Ari Daniel Shapiro, and Bob Chen (left to right) purchased panda hats. Shapiro got his for half what Chen paid. , Credit: Lundie Spence.
This is a story of what happens when two worlds meet. And it all started when, several years ago, one man invited a friend to visit his home.

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Caption: Bob the student-decorated drifter buoy awaits his deployment.  Mary Cook onboard the R/V Ronald H. Brown.  8th grader Emily Rollins reads the book that her teacher Mary Cook co-authored about her time at sea. Credit: Mary Cook.  8th grader Brett Bolasco p
A teacher and her students at a junior high in the middle of Arkansas make the case that the ocean touches landlocked states too. All it took to dr...

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