The Funnybook Business

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Image by: Noah Nelson 

A look inside the wondrous world of comic book shops. (Multimedia Content)

Thanks to the DC Comics relaunch and the introduction of a new half-black, half-Latino Spiderman by Marvel Comics there’s been a lot of media attention on the comic book industry lately. Which means some people have been seeking out comic book stores for the first time.

What they’re finding is the simply spectacular, amazing, wondrous world of comics.

Turnstyle presents: The Funnybook Business

MULTIMEDIA NOTE: Each episode contains a link to an embedable audio slideshow, available at no cost to your website. Use them in conjunction, or the audio slideshow all by itself!

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I’d heard of Silver Lake’s Secret Headquarters long before I’d ever set foot in the shop. A friend had described it as a “victorian drawing room fi...

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