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Interchange, an interview-based radio show and podcast produced by WFHB in Bloomington, Indiana, gets to the questions that have shaped how we understand ourselves.

As WFHB's longest running public affairs show, Interchange has shared conversations with hundreds of scholars and other experts on politics, religion, metaphysics, economics, history, revolution, ecology, and climate change. Today the stakes stand in stark relief, we challenge our perspectives—as individuals and communities, as thinkers and actors, as people in the world—in effort to change our course.

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Caption: Engraving on marble reproduction of the painting of the execution of Francisco Ferrer, made by Flavio Costantini. Behind the soldiers, two monks, a bourgeois and a civil guard attend the execution.
Ferrer's Modern School was not new pedagogy. We have known its truths for as long as authorities have forced children into rows and rote learning, ...

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Caption: Wood shop in a Modern School classroom (1950s)., Credit: Modern School Collection, Rutgers University Library.
It should be obvious that any learning done in a hierarchical system will first be about that system, about the structure of power, and how the “le...

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Michael Yates condenses decades of activism, organizing, and teaching into a master class on capitalist exploitation and theft, and more powerfull...

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Caption: A strikers' orchestra in the occupied Flint GM plant.
Loomis focuses on the necessity of government supporting workers’ rights for there to be any Union movement. The state has to protect the worker an...

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Caption: A still from Barbara Hammer's "Menses" (1974)
Barbara Hammer is an American feminist filmmaker known for being one of the pioneers of lesbian film. Hammer is known for creating experimental fil...

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The image is of a badly abused enslaved man called variously “A Typical Negro,” “The Scourged Back,” “Gordon the Slave,” or “Poor Peter," who is tu...

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  • Length: 59:25
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Using their own words to condemn them, Rob Larson exposes these intellectual opportunists for what they are: defenders of cruel power systems. Men ...

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The idea that art, literature and music in particular, might work as a sort of “Marshall Plan of the Mind” is our topic tonight. At the end of Worl...

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Caption: Jack Johnson fights "Great White Hope" Jim Jeffries in Reno, Nevada. July 4, 1910
Typologies of Whiteness, seeks to demonstrate how whiteness as a structural position of violence is on ubiquitous display in our visual culture. Th...

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  • Length: 58:59
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The Other Side of the Wind is another version of what some might refer to as the confessions of Orson Welles. But in seeking Welles, in our grappli...

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Caption: Orson Welles in production on It’s All True
Orson Welles, following hard upon the tailwind of Walt Disney, was strongly encouraged to travel in Latin America as a Goodwill ambassador at the b...

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US oil barons chose Nazism over Mexican sovereignty; anti-Semite Henry Ford fails in the Amazon; the US State Dept formalizes political kidnapping;...

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Private prisons in the South capitalized on the loophole in the 13th Amendment. In American Prison Shane Bauer takes us into Winn Correctional Cent...

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Caption: Office of Public Safety adviser Robert N. Bush and South Korean Counterpart.
In Violence Work, Micol Seigel shows how the police put violence to work for the state; policing being the quintessential translation of state powe...

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The view that capitalism is an inherently flawed, exploitative, crisis-prone, oppressive system is not new. But the dangers we face due to its oper...

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  • Length: 57:43
Caption: April, 1967, Redwood City. Students picket at a napalm bomb factory. "The Harvey Richards Media Archive." © Paul Richards.
H. Bruce Franklin, was once a tugboat mate and then an Air Force navigator and intelligence officer. He is now and has been for more than half a ce...

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Our guest today, Eric Dawson, has spent twenty-five years training others to take up the burden of peace. He’s just published a book called Putting...

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Caption: Left to right: Miriam Levine, A. J. Muste, and Judith Malina sit in front of the Atomic Energy Commission, 1963.
A.J. Muste was referred to throughout the world as the “American Gandhi,” and he’s probably best known, if at all, for his leadership of the peace ...

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In the late 60s, one man imagined creating a place that would radically undermine the societal values of his time—an alternative space that subvert...

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Caption: Massachusetts militiamen with fixed bayonets surround a group of peaceful strikers (1912 Lawrence textile strike)
While citizens are encouraged to fear and blame so called outside agitators the real menace lies within: a business community committed to the ranc...

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