Patterns in Music

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Caption: Colored Plate - Fractal Mosaic, Credit: qthomasbower
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Colored Plate - Fractal Mosaic 

Musical Selections on a Theme - a sub-series of the award-winning "Kaleidoscope" program

Hosted by Peabody Award Winning broadcaster Mike Whorf, these musical narratives often illustrate a particular event, person, or holiday.

These recently re-discovered programs are excellent complements to your holiday and thematic show schedules. Educate and inform your listeners with a piece of classic broadcasting from the Mike Whorf "Kaleidoscope" library!

*Fun Facts: Each program was first recorded on 1/4" 2-track stereo reel-to-reel tape as early as the 1960s with included music from vinyl records. Accordingly, tape hiss, record pops, and other artifacts from these media should be expected. Enjoy these classic and often timeless programs!

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For “Patterns in Music,” Mike Whorf presents this special program of music, poetry, and thought-provoking reflection.

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Commemorating Veteran's Day with this edition of Patterns in Music—a fitting musical tribute to those who served.

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