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Y-Press reporters talk with minority youth about their perceptions and relationships with police. The reporters also talk with local police to hear what they have to say as well. Y-Press is a youth media organization based in Indianapolis.

In this series, five Y-Press journalists explore the relationships between minority youth and the police in the Indianapolis area. Over the last several months, the team interviewed teens involved with 100 Black Men, the Latino Collective and teens participating in the four-year-old Our Kids (OK) program. In addition, local police officers told of us about the issue from their vantage point

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Y-Press journalist talk with several young people about their feelings about police.

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Caption: Myron Burr, Credit: Keenen Brannon
For 18-year-old Myron Burr, who recently graduated from Cardinal Ritter High School, relationships with police are about attitude.

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Caption: Members of the OK at a Saturday meeting
Y-Press reporter Max Gabovitch talks with Sergeant Timothy Knight, director of the Indianapolis OK program as well as several youth involved in the...

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Two police officers with different backgrounds offer their view on what being a police officer is all about.

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Series: youth and police
Caption: Adel Marte
A Hispanic Indianapolis teen talks about his views on police and their role in his community.

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