The Green Planet Monitor -- Smart Solutions for a Developing World

Series produced by David Kattenburg

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Communities in Asia, Africa and Latin America are overcoming social, economic, environmental and health challenges, using local imagination, knowledge, skills and energy.

Each 29-minute magazine features original reports from journalists abroad, based on travel through the Asia-Pacific region, Africa and the Americas. Interviews, live recordings and music round out each edition.

12 Pieces

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Conserving scarce pockets of precious water and their wildlife. In the middle of one of India’s largest cities, citizens say, ‘Don’t touch our lake...

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In today’s edition, communities struggle to be healthy in the shadow of the Big Three: tuberculosis, malaria and HIV-AIDS.

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Media and development. Two stories of how journalists contribute to the communities where they report, and an interview with one of India’s leading...

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Three of the world’s most bustling cities … what makes them tick, and what their citizens are doing to improve life on the street.

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The plight of the farmer – struggling to produce for global markets, avoiding the toxic tailings of chemically treated fields, or robbed of the lan...

  • Added: Feb 28, 2009
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Caption: Wind turbines, Credit: web
In today’s edition … clean energy – it’s the way to go. Wind power in China, natural gas in Egypt. And from one of capitalism’s most hallowed halls...

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Caption: Friendship Village, Ha Noi, Vietnam, Credit: Dave Kattenburg
Living with the legacy of war: Landmines that continue to maim, chemicals that poison and disfigure; memories that refuse to be erased.

  • Added: Feb 04, 2009
  • Length: 25:25
Caption: Grade eleven students editing audio at Ramallah's Friends' School, Credit: Dave Kattenburg
Health is much more than the absence of disease. Personal safety, connections to community and freedom from oppression are as crucial to a person’s...

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Caption: mining vote in Peru, Credit: Jen Moore
In today’s edition … Get up, stand up. From Peru, Palestine and India, marginalized communities are standing up for their rights through democratic...

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