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Playlist: Nathan Bender's Portfolio

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Tawas Point Lighthouse News Piece

From Nathan Bender | 03:59

4 minute news piece produced form CMU Public Radio news concerning the Tawas Point lighthouse keeper program.

Tawaslighthouse_small This a short 4 minute news piece I was aked to produce for CMU Public Radio news. This piece aired in July of 2008 during AllThings Considered on CMU Public Radio. This piece is about the Tawas Point lighthouse keeper program.

Life Between Two Worlds: The Culture of Online Gaming

From Nathan Bender | 21:39

A medium length audio documentary that discusses the impact of online gaming on today's society through a 'This American Life' style of storytelling.

Xbox-controller_small This medium length (aprox 21 mins) audio documentary addresses the issue of online games and online gaming and how they are impacting every level of the users lives, and in profoundly positive ways. The piece explains what online gaming is and then how is has impacted various users from all kinds of walk of life. Contains interviews with Professor Jeff Smith of Central Michigan University as well as Denton and Kristy Neil at the 2007 Square-Enix Final Fantasy XI gaming convention. This piece is available for updates and format adjustments.